• In research funded by UC MEXUS and Berkeley Center for the Study of Religion, my first project investigate a charismatic Christian businessmen’s brotherhood in Mexico, their everyday experimentations with categories of religion and secularism and narrative practices of self-transformation

  • Another project, funded by a three-year grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation, investigates Freemasons' everyday negotiations of liberal separation, their attempts to both defend freedom of conscience and cultivate common ethical bonds

  • In collaboration with Edwin Ackerman (Syracuse), and with funding from Notre Dame’s Global Religion Research Initiative, another project investigates rise of evangelical political parties in Latin America and the way that these parites have mobilized around combatting "gender ideology"



Peer-Reviewed Articles


“Enchanting Self-Discipline: Methodical Reflexivity and the Search for the Supernatural in Charismatic Christian Testimonial Practice.”

Sociological Theory 2017 35(4): 288-311.

“Between Church and State: A Christian Brotherhood’s Faithful Claims to Secularity in Mexico City."

Qualitative Sociology 2019 42:663–686.


“Unsettling the Self: the Paradoxes of Narrative Identity in Christian Testimonial Practice."

Sociology of Religion 2020

"Evangelicals Against Ideología de Genéro in Colombia, Costa Rica and Brazil." (with Edwin Ackerman)

Revised manuscript under review at Latin American Politics and Society


Chapters, Essays and Reviews

“Laicidad y religiosidad: conceptos opuestos entremezclados.”

Colección Cuadernos Jorge Carpizo, Cuaderno 34. Mexico City: Universidad Nacional Autónoma  de México. 2019.

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Works in Progress (papers available upon request)

Matters of Conscience: Promises and Paradoxes of Liberal Separation in Everyday Life (book manuscript)


“And the Secret is… There is no Secret: Secrecy as Means and Ends of Masonic Symbolic Practice”